If your predominant mental attitude is one of deep gratitude, constant joy, grateful expectation and zero attention given to fear, worry and anxiety, you would begin to attract happy and joyful circumstances into your life, that would correlate with your inner state of consciousness.

When good things then begin to happen to you as a result of either a conscious or unconscious change in mental attitude, the general public would start to say God did it! Jesus did it! Allah don run am! Buddha don finish work! All praise to shango for he reigns supreme 😂

We are quick to forget or are all together ignorant of the basic fact that there is a universal principle at work here that cuts across all these gods or religions. What is this principle? It is the the law that thought is creative and any metal picture held for sometime, would seek to objectify in conditions and circumstances.

Thoughts are therefore cause and conditions and circumstances that we would meet with in life, are the effects. This is simple to understand when we come to the realization that since any thought is creative at all, all thought must be creative.

A slightly deeper analysis would reveal a great truth to us.

What is this great truth? It is that since we have the power to consciously choose the thoughts that we hold in our minds at every point in time, we have readily at our disposal, the tool and power to change any unwanted condition and environment.

This sage quote “as a man thinks so he is” therefore bears the mark of scientific exactitude!

In conclusion, my small advice for you is that from today, spend less time in aggressive prayers aimed at killing any demons of your father’s house.

The only demons you need to conquer are the demons of unguarded negative thoughts going into your subconscious mind.

Instead, do more of observation. Watch the thoughts as they come and go. Do not fight anything. Simply choose what thoughts you will entertain using the things you want to experience in your life as a yardstick.

This would be difficult at first but understand that knowledge without practical application is dead and it is only through constant practice that an athlete will become strong. So practice practice practice!

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