How should we then begin to operate?

Now that we know and understand fully well that there is a spiritual plastic receptivity that is evenly distributed in all places and at all times ever waiting and ready to receive the impress of our thoughts, and swiftly go about it’s externalization, it is therefore very important to to begin to watch our thought processes and patterns.

The reason it is very important to watch theses thoughts processes and patterns, is that it is our predominant mental attitude that has been shaping, and will continue to shape our reality.

I want you to come to the urgent realization that at this very moment in time, there is a central conception that you have of yourself and all the facts of your life are arranged in accordance to that central conception.

So the question for you is what is the central conception that you have of yourself? The answer to this question should explain better to you why you are were you are, why you have the kind of people that you have around you and your very place in life. It cuts across all things i kid you not!

Your thoughts are actual spiritual things and the spiritual controls the physical. When you come to this realization, it is logical that you should begin to take special care of the thoughts that you let into your mind.

Knowledge is useless without a practical application. This knowledge can do nothing for you until you start to practically apply it to your life. There is no way around this. The way to move, is to start to monitor your thought processes and patterns everyday, all day. There are no off days.

Now it is understandable that this would prove to be a very difficult task to execute since this is a new way of thinking.

So my advice to you is to Just try to concentrate and take note of all your thoughts for five minutes… Notice how many stray thoughts tried to get hold of your attention? Now you know the kind of work you have to do.

There are no two ways about this. Cause will always be equal to effect and action and reaction will forever be equal and in opposite directions. Your thoughts are the cause and the effect is whatever you can see in your life.

You are constantly in the process of creating and recreating your reality. Everything on the screen of your life is a mirror representation of the inner state of your consciousnesses.

In this period of devastating uncertainty, the best thing you can do is to shut yourself out and go back within and you will find all the answers there.

In conclusion, this is still a way to introduce the kind of messages I’ll be sharing henceforth and there is no point in rushing. If as a result of this post, I’ve made five people more aware of their thought processes and patterns then I’m completely fulfilled for now.

If this has been helpful or enlightening, kindly share this post with as many as you think this need this message.

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