One power not two or multiple. ONE!

Many still think that we are dealing with two polarizing forces at once; that to attract good, we must eliminate the bad.

I.e they believe in the power of God and at the same time, the potency in the power of the devil. Thereby throwing away in the same breath the fact that God is omnipotent.

This notion is flawed and false and I will prove that to you in this post if only you will keep an open mind.

Consider this analogy. If we are cold, we do not work with the cold and heat alike to get warm. Or do we?


Common sense tells us that all we have to do is build a fire. So basically, we work only with the heat.

As we gather ourselves around that fire, we automatically begin to enjoy the heat extended from it and become warm.

We become warm and the cold of its own accord disappears.

As we focus on, contemplate and resonate with the ideas we are seeking to manifest, there is a generative magnetic frequency that goes out into the universe.

Essentially, you are broadcasting a frequency and this frequency will attract to itself what it is like. Like attracts like.

You do not need to fight conditions or complain about them. Simply change the frequency and you change the conditions. Conditions are but effects and cause come before the effect. The cause is the current frequency.

Here’s to your attraction frequency 🍾


4 thoughts on “One power not two or multiple. ONE!

  1. Thank you, literally needed this 😭. I literally wanted to complain this morning, but I switched to just reposition myself ( twitch my frequency). This just confirmed I did the right thing. Thank you ❤️


    1. No E, thank you for reading and I’m thrilled about the confirmation it delivered. For the mere fact that you were present enough to stop yourself from complaining is everything. You are doing exceedingly well 🤗
      Have a great day ahead.


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