It’s time for active imagining.

I want us all to work on active imagining this month. What is active imagining?

Active imagining is the conscious exercise of the imaging faculty in a disciplined directional manner.

It might be too subtle to pick up but thought or thinking actually produces tiny speech movement in the tongue and this speech movement works directly with the imaginative faculty.

You might have to read that paragraph again.

Now that you've read it again, think of how every thought that flashes through your mind comes with an image as there can be no thinking without simultaneous imaging.
Think on this for some seconds 🤔

Think of a rat and immediately the image flashes across your mind. Think of a particular friend and notice how his or her image flashed across your mind. Did you notice? Now I think you’ve gotten the point.

All imaginative men and women are regularly casting forth enchantments and all none imaginative people are regularly PASSING under their power.

You my dear are an imaginative being. That is your nature. No matter how hard you try, you can not cease to be an imaginative creative being.

Now, this is the crux of this post, please pay attention. Your imagination can either be used consciously and intelligently or passively, conservatively and indifferently. I hope I didn’t lose you there 🥺Check out this quote from Neville Goddard 👇🏾

Imagination is both conservative and creatively transformative. It is conservative when it builds it’s world from images supplied by memory and the evidence of the senses. It is creatively transformation when it imagines things as they ought to be, building it’s world out of the generous greens of fancy


I want us all to work on this from today. It will of course take training and practice but what you can do is to do is practice present moment awareness.

Each time you come out from uncontrolled thinking or a reverie, ask yourself three things.

  • Was what I was thinking/imagining about peaceful and of good report?
  • Would I love to see it externalized in my experience?
  • Would I love to see it continue in my world?

If the answers to these questions are no, then you know you have not been using your imagination masterfully. You are the operant power! You are God! You are all imagination.

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One power not two or multiple. ONE!

Many still think that we are dealing with two polarizing forces at once; that to attract good, we must eliminate the bad.

I.e they believe in the power of God and at the same time, the potency in the power of the devil. Thereby throwing away in the same breath the fact that God is omnipotent.

This notion is flawed and false and I will prove that to you in this post if only you will keep an open mind.

Consider this analogy. If we are cold, we do not work with the cold and heat alike to get warm. Or do we?


Common sense tells us that all we have to do is build a fire. So basically, we work only with the heat.

As we gather ourselves around that fire, we automatically begin to enjoy the heat extended from it and become warm.

We become warm and the cold of its own accord disappears.

As we focus on, contemplate and resonate with the ideas we are seeking to manifest, there is a generative magnetic frequency that goes out into the universe.

Essentially, you are broadcasting a frequency and this frequency will attract to itself what it is like. Like attracts like.

You do not need to fight conditions or complain about them. Simply change the frequency and you change the conditions. Conditions are but effects and cause come before the effect. The cause is the current frequency.

Here’s to your attraction frequency 🍾


If your predominant mental attitude is one of deep gratitude, constant joy, grateful expectation and zero attention given to fear, worry and anxiety, you would begin to attract happy and joyful circumstances into your life, that would correlate with your inner state of consciousness.

When good things then begin to happen to you as a result of either a conscious or unconscious change in mental attitude, the general public would start to say God did it! Jesus did it! Allah don run am! Buddha don finish work! All praise to shango for he reigns supreme 😂

We are quick to forget or are all together ignorant of the basic fact that there is a universal principle at work here that cuts across all these gods or religions. What is this principle? It is the the law that thought is creative and any metal picture held for sometime, would seek to objectify in conditions and circumstances.

Thoughts are therefore cause and conditions and circumstances that we would meet with in life, are the effects. This is simple to understand when we come to the realization that since any thought is creative at all, all thought must be creative.

A slightly deeper analysis would reveal a great truth to us.

What is this great truth? It is that since we have the power to consciously choose the thoughts that we hold in our minds at every point in time, we have readily at our disposal, the tool and power to change any unwanted condition and environment.

This sage quote “as a man thinks so he is” therefore bears the mark of scientific exactitude!

In conclusion, my small advice for you is that from today, spend less time in aggressive prayers aimed at killing any demons of your father’s house.

The only demons you need to conquer are the demons of unguarded negative thoughts going into your subconscious mind.

Instead, do more of observation. Watch the thoughts as they come and go. Do not fight anything. Simply choose what thoughts you will entertain using the things you want to experience in your life as a yardstick.

This would be difficult at first but understand that knowledge without practical application is dead and it is only through constant practice that an athlete will become strong. So practice practice practice!

How should we then begin to operate?

Now that we know and understand fully well that there is a spiritual plastic receptivity that is evenly distributed in all places and at all times ever waiting and ready to receive the impress of our thoughts, and swiftly go about it’s externalization, it is therefore very important to to begin to watch our thought processes and patterns.

The reason it is very important to watch theses thoughts processes and patterns, is that it is our predominant mental attitude that has been shaping, and will continue to shape our reality.

I want you to come to the urgent realization that at this very moment in time, there is a central conception that you have of yourself and all the facts of your life are arranged in accordance to that central conception.

So the question for you is what is the central conception that you have of yourself? The answer to this question should explain better to you why you are were you are, why you have the kind of people that you have around you and your very place in life. It cuts across all things i kid you not!

Your thoughts are actual spiritual things and the spiritual controls the physical. When you come to this realization, it is logical that you should begin to take special care of the thoughts that you let into your mind.

Knowledge is useless without a practical application. This knowledge can do nothing for you until you start to practically apply it to your life. There is no way around this. The way to move, is to start to monitor your thought processes and patterns everyday, all day. There are no off days.

Now it is understandable that this would prove to be a very difficult task to execute since this is a new way of thinking.

So my advice to you is to Just try to concentrate and take note of all your thoughts for five minutes… Notice how many stray thoughts tried to get hold of your attention? Now you know the kind of work you have to do.

There are no two ways about this. Cause will always be equal to effect and action and reaction will forever be equal and in opposite directions. Your thoughts are the cause and the effect is whatever you can see in your life.

You are constantly in the process of creating and recreating your reality. Everything on the screen of your life is a mirror representation of the inner state of your consciousnesses.

In this period of devastating uncertainty, the best thing you can do is to shut yourself out and go back within and you will find all the answers there.

In conclusion, this is still a way to introduce the kind of messages I’ll be sharing henceforth and there is no point in rushing. If as a result of this post, I’ve made five people more aware of their thought processes and patterns then I’m completely fulfilled for now.

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Where do we begin?

This is a question that i have been praying about for the past ten months.

It is very important to me that we start correctly. This is because it is the starting point that will lay the ground work, the foundation, the background and a new line of thought previously unexplored. Also, it is on this foundation that we will begin to explore new ideas, question old ones, gain new insight and start moving in the right direction mentally.

I don’t want to digress too much; I tend to do that a lot while writing please forgive me. Anyway, two days ago while in the shower blasting some Tope Alabi, the answer to my prayer dropped and I knew exactly how to start. (Mind you I love Tope Alabi so much because growing up, my mum just wouldn’t stop playing her songs)

Having said all this, there is no better way to start than to announce to you straight on that your thoughts have incredible power. Please stay with me to the end of this post and I promise you will get charity, and if you dwell on what you have read you will gain tremendous insight.

You see, the sooner you come to the realization that you are a spiritual being the better for you, and the faster you will evolve spiritually. As a spiritual being, you and only you (we humans) have the capacity for conscious reasoning. Other forms of life display a varied level of consciousness and are all intelligent to some extent. They grow and develop also but always along already established lines of growth and development.

As humans however there is no limit to the capacity of our conscious growth. This is the real and deeper meaning of the phrase “whatever you can conceive, you can achieve”.

Since you are a spiritual being, your unique ability to think is your ability to act upon the universal plane which is the invisible world of causation, and cause the creation of anything you want.

You are a creative being. Pause for a moment, take a good look at everything around you and let it dawn on you that everything around you, on your body and even the phone or laptop that you are currently reading this post with, must have first existed only as a thought in someone’s mind. Everything we can see in the physical reality must have first existed as a thought in a person’s mind. Do you need further evidence to prove the obvious fact that you are a creative being and your thoughts have power?

Before we can fashion anything with our hands we must have created it first in mind. The same way before we achieve anything , we must have first believed it in our minds in other to cause the creation.

Now that we have established the fact that, and I truly hope that at this stage of the post I have been able to communicate to you successfully that you are a spiritual begin and your identification with this basic fact is in the understanding that your thoughts have great power.

Also, I elaborated on the fact that since you are spiritual in nature, and thought is a spiritual activity, therefore your ability to think is your ability to act upon the spiritual plane, the supernatural plane, the cosmic world and bring whatever you want into existence.

Now let’s move on to slightly deeper things. Grab your popcorn, fasten your seat belts and please try to stay with me the post is almost over.

Behind the vast array of everything you can see in our physical existence is the one thinking substance, the cosmic mind, supreme intelligent substance e.t.c.  Call  it whatever, but the point to note here is that this substance is the raw material for everything that has ever been or ever will be created. This substance permeates and is in and through all things. There is nothing it isn’t and there is no where that it is not present. Just to drive the point properly, let me quote some senior men in this spirit

‘’There is a thinking stuff from which all things are  made which permeates and fills the inter spaces of the universe. ‘’A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought’’.

Bob Proctor

“There is one infinite life acting through law and this law is mental; Law is mind in action. We are surrounded by an infinite, subconscious, impersonal, neutral, plastic, creative, ever present thinking stuff from which all things come, which in its original state, permeates and penetrates all things. By impressing our thoughts upon this substance, we can cause it to to produce for us that which we think, to the limit of our ability to mentally embody the idea.’

Earnest Holmes

‘’We live in a fathomless sea of plastic mind substance. This substance is ever alive and active. It is sensitive to the highest degree. It takes form according to the mental demand. Thought forms the mold or matrix from which this substance expresses’’

Charles F. Haanel

I quoted all these senior men and OG’s in the spiritual world simply to drive the point home. I can list 200 more of them for you guys but I think the point has already been made. Now you need to drill this idea deep into your brain about 1000 times a day. This is the starting point. This, you must come to understand and believe if you are to make real spiritual progress.

Here’s where it gets interesting, this thinking substance which is the raw material for everything, is at all times receptive to our thoughts. It is quietly and patiently waiting for us to impress it with whatever we want to see externalized in our lives.

In fact, this substance has no other purpose than to receive the impress of our thoughts, broadcast it far and large into the universe, attract like frequencies and vibrations, then bring it back to us with compound interest. This is the deeper esoteric meaning of the phrase “we reap what we sow”

In conclusion, here’s the problem. Many are focused on what they don’t want in a bid to keep it away. But they don’t understand that as intelligent as this substance is, it will not choose your thoughts for you. Neither will it filter anything on your behalf. Its own job is to receive your impress(thought processes and patterns), and go about the externalization in its vast domain of activity.

Ignorance of this law is why so many suffer and toil on this planet.

I’m so sorry it was this long dears I just feel like since this is the foundation, we should kuku lay it properly once and for all.  There is a whole lot more to explore but for now lets stop here.

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Continue to enjoy your existence. Bye for now.